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Shutdowns in haz waste sector; and Veolia stores more SLF

By 30/05/2018News

Veolia has made an application to store considerably larger amounts of hazardous waste at its fuel site near Sheffield. And, the company is preparing for an eight week shutdown of its hazardous waste incinerator at Ellesmere Port.

According to the company, the application for increased storage at its Norwood Recycling Centre near Sheffield is due to the “increase in demand” for secondary liquid fuel (SLF) from one of its key customers through 2018 and into 2019.


Veolia has applied to store more hazardous waste at its Norwood Recycling Centre (Picture: John Jennings)

Veolia says it takes hazardous liquid waste that cannot be recycled and blends the material to create an alternative fuel – SLF – which can be used instead of fossil fuel in industrial processes.

Materials that are suitable for SLF blending include oils, toxic solvents and solvent based inks, pains and adhesives, amongst others.

According to an application document, Veolia has recently increased the throughput of waste into the site to 75,000 tonnes per year.

In addition to the increase in storage of hazardous waste, the company also requests that the daily waste limit of 300 tonnes/day be increased to 500 tonnes/day to accommodate “all eventualities”.


Last week it was announced that two waste incinerators, one operated by Veolia at Ellesmere Port and the other in Southampton operated by Tradebe are expecting their summer shutdowns.

Cumbria-based radioactive waste management company, LLW Repository Ltd, made the announcement, with both incinerators facing an overlap in terms of shutdown period. The plants are both understood to be able to take certain low level radioactive waste.

Shutdown at the Fawley Thermal Treatment Centre in Southampton will take place from 1 July for around four weeks. The Veolia plant at Ellesmere Port will be closed for two months, from 16 July to 16 September for eight weeks.

Veolia’s Ellesmere Port incinerator is due for its summer shutdown

Veolia’s facility at Ellesmere Port is a high temperature incinerator (HTI) with capacity to treat up to 100,000 tonnes of waste a year.


When contacted by, a spokesperson for Veolia explained that the eight week closure is a “routine shutdown” which was planned.

At the Fawley site, Tradebe provides incineration services for the radioactive waste markets in the UK and overseas.

A spokesperson for Tradebe confirmed that the closure is a standard procedure which takes place each year to replace the lining of the kiln. Generally, she said, for the facility, the shutdown period is for four weeks.

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