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Careers focus at Letsrecycle Live

By 06/09/2021News

With Letsrecycle Live now less than two weeks away, we take a closer look at the Careers Corner.

Taking place at Stoneleigh Park near Coventry on 15-16 September, the two-day event will offer the opportunity to revisit the world of waste and resources.

Dr Read will be speaking at the careers, apprenticeships, training HR and employee welfare session in the Keynote theatre, at day one of the event on the 15 September.

At a time when staff shortages are wrecking havoc across the entire country, it’s never been more important for councils and waste management firms to focus on staff training, recruitment and retention.

At the Careers Corner will be recruitment companies, HR experts and training and qualification experts.

Listen to one of the small intimate networking and learning sessions in the Careers Theatre, get advice on opportunities to gain experience, training and knowledge, or post a vacancy or a request on the job board.

The full agenda and registration details can be found here.


One of the speakers will be the external affairs director of Suez, Dr Adam Read, who will reveal key steps the industry needs to take to train the “workforce of tomorrow” at Letsrecycle Live later this month.

This session comes at a time where staff shortages and lack of HGV drivers are at an all-time high, driving the need for the waste sector to discuss the future of the waste workforce.

Speaking to, Dr Read said that he plans to cover a variety of important matters relating to the future of the workforce.

‘Embrace change’

In his address, he will call on the sector to “embrace change” as it moves forward into a new era following the Covid-19 pandemic.

Dr Adam Read also acts as CIWM’s president

Dr Read said: “I will be talking about where I see the sector going in the next few years, and the unique challenges it faces. I’ll also touch on how we can be retrained as the workforce of tomorrow, and how we need to feed into the sector to make sure we have the resources over time that we need.

“We have to recognise that the pandemic has ignited the transition the was already happening. Skills are even more paramount as the transition to digital platforms and zoom has sped up. People have learned stuff online. But if we don’t embrace the change, we will get marginalised. This change is an empowering opportunity for the sector.”

Also speaking as president for the Charted Institute of Wastes Management (CIWM), Dr Read will highlight some of the organisation’s strategies for training the waste workforce.

He continued: “I also plan on touching on some government changes that I feel need to be made to drive a circular economy.

“I will also speak to individuals, saying, ‘it isn’t about their employees, this is about the sector evolving at a pace we have never seen before’. People need to recognise skill change and upskill themselves.”


As one of the first in-person waste sector events to go forward in the wake of the pandemic, Dr Read also encouraged others to attend the event.

He said: “There’s only so much we can do at out desks. The socialising and discussions you get at a live event is critical, as we are able to collaborate on ideas.”

‘Looking forward’

I’m looking forward with sharing some of our plans at Lets Recycle Live, and outlining some of the key activities that will support the sector in its contribution to the green recovery.

  • Katie Cockburn, professional services director, CIWM 

Also speaking at the session will be Katie Cockburn, professional services director at CIWM.

Ms Cockburn told that she looks forward to outlining CIWM’s plan for training the future workforce of the waste industry.

The careers, apprenticeships, training HR and employee welfare session will take place in the Keynote theatre, on 15 September.

She said: “The Waste and Recource Management sector is facing unprecedented challenge and opportunity as the UK balances the need to meet its climate targets whilst also recovering from the social and economic impact of Covid 19. Our sector is critical to achieving a ‘green recovery’, and perhaps more than ever, this can only be achieved if we are positioned to educate and influence those both within this sector, and in the wider value chain.

“At CIWM, we are focused on developing and delivering a wide portfolio of learning and development products which enable those working within the sector, at every level, to upskill and reskill; anticipating current and future skills needs. We’re also working on building products to educate waste producers in aligned sectors, to minimise waste at source. I’m looking forward with sharing some of our plans at Lets Recycle Live, and outlining some of the key activities that will support the sector in its contribution to the green recovery.”

Other speakers at this session will include Angie Burgess, training manager at FCC Environment, and Molly Bell, technical plant engineer at Suez.

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