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WEEE conference hears youth message on plastics

By 27/09/2019News

The importance of practical ways in which the environment can be helped in terms of preventing plastics pollution in the seas, was raised by a young speaker at the annual WEEE conference in London this week.

Delegates to the event, at Lord’s Cricket Ground, were addressed by 16-year-old Amy Meek from the campaign group Kids Against Plastic.

Amy Meek addressing the WEEE Conference

In an empassioned and powerful address to the event, which had covered a range of topics around Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment, she reiterated the concerns of young people about plastic pollution.  Amy highlighted wildlife ingesting plastics and suffering as a result.

And, she emphasised that her message was that small steps could be made to tackle different problems which was reflected in the Plastic Clever Initiative organised by Kids Against Plastic. The charity is supported by the Wastepack Group which includes Electrolink.

Free tap water

Ideas range from refusing single use drinks containers through to the giving of free tap water refills to the public when they are away from home.

Kids against Plastic – the charity is supported by the Wastepack Group

Amy paid particular attention to the problem of microfibres from plastics in water. She explained how at her own home a filter had been attached and this caught fibres from clothes washing. But one problem was that the filters remain hard to obtain in the UK with them currently an American product – the Filtrol washing machine lint filter.

She urged delegates, who received her well, to “Make a difference. Reduce your personal use of the big four plastic polluters” – carrier bags, single use plastic bottles, plastic straws and disposable coffee cups.

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