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Sutco releases details of optimised composting system  

By 30/07/2021News

Germany- based plant manufacturer Sutco Recyclingtechnik has released details of its “Wendelin – The New Generation” composting system, which is now available in a series of models.

Material is the composting hall is turned by the system once a week

The manufacturer said that it is a solution to the “worldwide growing demand” for an efficient, aerobic treatment method for biological waste that can also be used with “very high throughputs”.

The system works as an optimised composting process, performing in a single area made up of several windrows which “merge together without clear boundaries”.

According to Sutco, this ensures “optimal utilisation” of the overall composting area.

Giving an example of the process at a site in German city, Bergisch Gladbach, the company explained that all of the material in the composting hall is turned with a turning machine, which works in the same way as a bucket wheel excavator.

The material for composting is then picked up by the buckets, loosened and then dropped again a few metres along.

The Sutco-Wendelin is then used to discharge the finished product.

‘Best conditions’

This process is designed to create the “best possible conditions” for organic decomposition to be completed effectively.

An installed irrigation system also aims to ensure that the moisture content of the material is maintained at an “optimal level” throughout the process.

A sectionally arranged aeration floor installed under the entire composting area and a control system provide a method of ensuring airflow, meaning water that is generated in the composting process can drain away and be collected.


Sutco explained that with the introduction of the new series, it has an increase in capacity of between 20,000 and 100,000 tonnes at the site in Bergisch Gladbach.

It added that a further advantage of this modular system, is the “freedom of design” that it offers the operator.

The high level of automation of the Wendelin makes it possible for companies to run their operations in a consistent manner, as the plant control system allows it to be run 24/7 with a “minimal” staffing requirement.

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