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North Kesteven to implement ‘Schedule 2’ waste charge

By 27/07/2017News

North Kesteven district council (NKDC) is to introduce charges for waste collected from schools and care homes, as part of a number of changes to its waste collections policy.

Changes to the service, the majority of which come into force from 1 September 2017, have been approved by the council’s executive board.

North Kesteven council is to introduce charges for waste collected from Schools

Other charges are to be introduced for waste collected from charity shops selling donated goods originating from domestic properties and waste from premises forming part of hospital or nursing home. NKDC currently offers free collections from these premises.

The council said some authorities across the county already charge for collections from certain premises, as allowed through The Controlled Waste (England and Wales) Regulations 2012. Charges for these types of services are known as ‘Schedule 2’ charges as they refer to the part of the Regulations in which the practice is listed.


According to the council, before its approval, the new policy went through an extensive review, including by the council’s environment overview and scrutiny panel and Lincolnshire Waste Partnership.

The council said all places affected by potential changes were notified earlier this year, and given the opportunity to give feedback, which was taken into account when the final decision was made on Thursday, July 20.

However, during the consultation, one local school raised concerns about the ‘financial pressure’ this will put on the school.

Councillor Richard Wright, leader of NKDC, said: “When any decisions are made on changes to charges we are careful to ensure that they are appropriate and still offer the best value for money.

“We have listened to all of the feedback that’s been given, which resulted in a number of changes to the proposals, and arrived at a scheme I believe is fair and sensitive to community buildings and charitable organisations.”

The charges will be reviewed annually in line with the council’s other fees and charges.

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