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Consumers ‘prefer glass packaging’, study finds

By 30/04/2020News

Environmental campaigner Friends of Glass is calling on brands to switch to glass packaging following a survey which shows shoppers prefer the material because of its “superior environmental credentials”.

Friends of Glass said 91% of respondents would ‘recommend glass as the best material’

The survey, which was carried out by consumer research company InSites Consulting, quizzed more than 10,000 consumers across 13 European countries found that in the UK, 57% of consumers in the UK still prefer glass over plastic.

Senior communication officer at British Glass, Victoria Adams said: “While it’s disappointing to see a shift away from mass by certain brands, the survey confirms that glass continues to enjoy the strong support of the consumer, who recognise it as one of the most sustainable forms of packaging.

“Not only is glass infinitely recyclable without a drop in quality, recycled glass is also a vital resource for making new bottle and jars, helping to reduce CO2 emissions and raw material use.”

The survey also showed that the environmental impact of packaging is seen as an important factor in purchases across Europe, with three in four consumers ‘highly concerned’ about littering of food containers.

“The survey confirms that glass continues to enjoy the strong support of the consumer”

Victoria Adams, British Glass

One in three respondents said that littering of food containers was their most important consideration in choosing products.

According to Friends of Glass, glass consistently scores as the most environmentally-friendly packaging material as it addresses contamination and environmental issues.

Ms Adams added: “It’s great to see that not only is glass recycling performing well in the UK, with a collection rate of 67%, but that the benefits of glass packaging and recycling strongly resonate with consumers.

“Our ambition alongside that of our European colleagues, is to increase recycling rates by achieving a collection rate of 90% by 2030 and the full recycling of collected glass packaging through the European Close the Glass Loop project, as well as increasing recycling targets for glass in the UK.

“We want people not just to recycle, but recycle more and better.”

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