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Clarity Environmental launches recycling quality standard  

By 07/05/2021News

Compliance scheme operator Clarity Environmental has launched a quality standard for recycling, targeting packaging producers.

The standard will carry out over 40 assessment checks on UK reprocesses and exporters.

Clarity’s Recycling Evidence Quality Standard (CREQS), announced yesterday (6 May), will carry out over 40 assessment checks on UK reprocesses and exporters.

Purchasers of packaging recovery notes (PRNs) will then be given an overall assurance score and audit report prior to agreeing the purchase of recycling evidence.

The consultancy explained that this score will allow businesses to confidently purchase safer, quality PRNs from approved suppliers.

Clarity Environmental described the standard as an “industry first” for the packaging waste supply chain, as it enables packaging producers to make “informed and responsible” purchasing decisions for PRNs.

Clarity Environmental founder and managing director, David Honcoop, said: “Recycling evidence has been bought blind for far too long, with the only driving factor being price and a total absence of any indicators of quality. But that can now change. Our new recycling evidence quality standard provides a level of reassurance and visibility that has never been seen before, which will help to support producers’ ever demanding CSR requirements.”

Environment Agency

The launch follows warnings from the Environment Agency in April, that it will be able to cancel PRNs and packaging (export) recovery notes (PERNs) issued by accredited reprocessers or exporters that are found to be “incorrect” from July 2021.

David Honcoop is Clarity Environmental’s managing director and founder

Clarity explained that the CREQS has been designed to support these regulatory efforts to ensure PRNs are legitimate.

Mr Honcoop added: ”The PRN system has long been criticised for its lack of transparency, with far too much opportunity for fraudulent activities that could be putting the environment and lives at risk. The absence of any standards has also put buyers in an extremely vulnerable position. We are proud to be leading the efforts to provide a safer and more informed way for businesses to comply with the packaging regulations, providing a whole new level of clarity to the process.”

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