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WasteCare confirms full service during epidemic

By 25/03/2020News

Specialist waste management and recycling business WasteCare has confirmed that it is running a full service to support critical businesses, including the hazardous waste sector, during the coronavirus epidemic.

Peter Hunt, chairman of the Leeds-based national business, which has a high temperature incinerator in Kent, said: “I thought it might be helpful if we let everyone know we are running a full service during this epidemic and are doing what we can to support our critical service customers and the wider community.”

Wearing the CliniCare PPE with Mist equipment

And, Mr Hunt reflected on charging levels in the face of demand for services such as deep cleaning. He commented: “We do not plan to increase the cost of our existing services and have launched three new services to help deal with current events.”


The services include an on-site sterilisation and hygiene service; and CliniCare – a contaminated waste collection service which operates bags and alternatively a boxed/bag approach.

For the on-site hygiene work an HSE-approved biocide is used with a Mist decontamination process.


For the clinical waste service, Mr Hunt reiterated the need to follow government guidelines. He noted: “Ahead of collection, once the bag is full, tie it and bag and store in a dry place away from heat and animals. If you suspect the waste may be contaminated with a virus, please double bag.”

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