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Lakeside signs APC residue recycling deal

By 14/01/2020News

A 10-year contract has been signed between Lakeside Energy from Waste and O.C.O Technology to recycle the Air Pollution Control (APC) residues from the Lakeside incinerator at Colnbrook.

O.C.O Technology says it first began recycling APC residues from  Lakeside Energy from Waste four years ago.

Lakeside Energy from Waste is a joint venture between Viridor and Grundon Waste Management, which runs the 410,000 tonne per year capacity facility near Heathrow Airport.

O.C.O Technology tanker pictured at O.C.O’s operation in Leeds

Danny Coulston, operations director at Lakeside, said: “This contract underlines our commitment to the sustainable generation of electricity from residual waste materials.

“In 2017, we led the way to zero waste to landfill for Energy from Waste facilities and are delighted that this long-term commitment is reflected in the new 10-year contract with O.C.O Technology.”

O.C.O technology says it uses a process known as Accelerated Carbonation Technology (ACT), which uses waste carbon dioxide gas as a resource to transform the APC residues into a carbon-negative aggregate.

Steve Greig, managing director of O.C.O Technology, said: “I am delighted we have secured this contract with Lakeside. It cements the already close relationship between the two businesses and enhances our position as the principal recycler of incineration residues in the UK.”

In July 2019 a planning application was submitted for a like-for-like replacement for the 410,000 tonne per year capacity Lakeside EfW facility, which is to be taken down to accommodate a new runway at Heathrow Airport (see story).


APC residue is typically a mixture of ash, carbon and lime.

APC residue is typically a mixture of ash, carbon and lime

As a hazardous waste it is usually disposed of at a hazardous waste landfill site or undergoes further processing such as washing or stabilisation to send to non-hazardous landfill.

In February 2017 Defra halted plans to phase out a rule allowing hazardous waste materials from EfW plants to be disposed of in landfill due to the ‘limited availability’ of alternative outlets for the material (see story).


Lakeside operates the EfW facility at Colnbrook near Slough, which sits within a complex where waste from councils, businesses and hospitals is collected, recycled and treated.

Lakeside EfW was opened in 2010

Opened in 2010, the facility takes in residual waste from local businesses and a number of councils, including Slough, Wiltshire and Poole councils in Dorset, as well as a substantial tonnage for the West London Waste Authority.

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