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Craemer expands with second Telford site

By 07/11/2019News

Plastics manufacturer Craemer Group is expanding with the opening of a second facility at Hortonwood West in Telford.

Craemer UK has opened a second site in Telford

The £25 million site for plastics injection moulding will be used to produce wheelie bins, pallets and storage and transport containers. This will include new products for Craemer UK’s portfolio, including a range of four-wheeled commercial waste bins and pallet boxes, which until recently could only be manufactured at the Group’s German headquarters.

Craemer UK’s expansion will create up to 70 new jobs in Telford and safeguard the 65 existing positions at the original Telford facility.

Steve Poppitt, managing director of Craemer UK, said: “Since the launch of our first Telford plant at Hortonwood in 2006, Craemer UK has grown significantly with turnover surging from five million in 2006 to around £27.8 million in 2018.”


The 5.3 hectare site at Hortonwood West is less than a mile from the original plant. The land was purchased in 2017 and the company says it offer “ample room for expansion”.

The new production plant covers about half of the land, consisting of a 6,000-square-metre production and storage hall, plus adjacent technical, office and social area as well as outdoor facilities. Three injection moulding machines have begun production, with more to join them.

(l-r) Steve Poppitt, managing director of Craemer UK and Frank Bross, finance and operations director, with Craemer’s first own 1,100 litre wheelie bin

Mr Poppitt added: “The expansion has already generating over 30 new jobs at Telford as a direct result of Site B development and there will be more by the end of this year.”

“In addition to creating new jobs and to further supporting the local economy, the launch of this second Craemer Telford site also emphasises the Germany-based Craemer Group’s ongoing commitment to its UK manufacturing arm.”


Before the development of this latest facility Craemer’s first 1,100 litre wheeled bin – the neo4 – could only be manufactured in Germany. The Telford site is equipped with a 5,500-tonne injection moulding machine, so the manufacture of the neo4 is now possible in the UK too.

The production of Craemer’s first own pallet box launched to the market in 2017 is expected to follow soon.

Craemer Group is based in Germany and operates in Britain as Craemer UK. The company has four production sites in three European countries and employs over 950 staff. In 2018, the Group achieved a total operating performance of around €275 million (£236.6 million).

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