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Cheshire IVC facility operational

By 27/05/2020News

Biowise has confirmed that its new In-Vessel Composting (IVC) facility with capacity to process up to 75,000 tonnes of organic waste per year is now operational.

The facility was built as part of Biowise’s contract with Cheshire East council, awarded in early 2018.

Biowise says over 95% of the waste arriving on site will be recycled into quality BSI PAS 100 certified compost

The £30 million contract was awarded to Biowise in order to help the council meet recycling targets by including food waste in the household organics waste collections.

Construction of the facility started in December 2018 and took just over a year to compete following confirmation of planning permission for the site at Leighton Grange.

Ralph Kemp, head of environment services at Cheshire East council, said: “This new facility from Biowise is an important part of our waste strategy as we seek to increase out recycling towards out 65% target. Based within Cheshire East, the plant allows us to collect, process and recycle locally, helping residents to reduce residual food and garden waste.

“The plant also produces a superb, high quality compost product whilst providing additional benefits and jobs for the local community.”


Biowise says over 95% of the waste arriving on site will be recycled into quality BSI PAS 100 certified compost for use in horticultural, agricultural and landscaping markets. The remaining percentage will be recycled or sent for energy recovery.

The facility also includes a Gicom IVC system installation along with associated outdoor composting and screening operations in the facility.

James Landau, managing director of Biowise said: “Our existing IVC facility near Hull has been running since 2015 and has proved to be a sustainable solution for the treatment of organic waste. We are now able to offer this solution for Cheshire East council.”

“The new facility is already processing 45,000 tonnes per annum of organic waste brought in from the Cheshire East area and we are actively seeking additional contracts to fill the spare capacity.”

Construction of £7 million facility was funded by a package awarded to Biowise by Yorkshire Bank.

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