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Bexley awards recycling stream contracts

By 04/12/2019News

Bexley council has awarded contracts for the processing of different material streams arising from its household, commercial and bring bank collection services.

The South East London local authority this week confirmed the successful bidders for the work, which was put out for tender as part of a nine-lot procurement process in March (see story).

The contracts cover the treatment of food and garden waste, paper and card recycling and the emptying of recycling banks.

The total value of all the contracts for the treatment of recyclables collected by Bexley and emptying bring banks is around £16 million over five years

Previously, Veolia held the contract for all material streams (food waste, plastic, cartons and cans and glass), while paper and card was handled by Viridor.


Bedfordshire-based AD specialist Biogen won two of the contract lots. The first sees Biogan handling Bexley council’s food waste – including packaged food waste –under a deal which was valued at up to £4.4 million, beginning on 1 December 2019.

Biogen’s second agreement is a garden waste and treatment contract was valued in the tender documents at £3,890,000 over the course of the five year deal, which began on 18 November 2019.

Meanwhile, a contract for recycling paper and card collected at the kerbside was signed with Palm Recycling for £2 million for the whole contract, and began on 25 November 2019.

And, a deal for ‘other’ cardboard and paper recycling was won by the Countrystyle group for £650,000 and started on 1 December.

Finally, a contract for the emptying of recycling banks in the area was won by Veolia for £2,011,430.

The contracts all run for a period of five years until 30 November 2024, with the option to extend for a further five years.

The council explained that it was keen to ensure that material was treated as close by as possible.

“The majority of our paper now goes to Palm Recycling, which will transport paper to the UK and the EU”, said Steve Didsbury, head of waste and street services at Bexley council. “Our food waste will go to Hertfordshire and our garden waste goes to Bromley.”

The council explained that its contracts for the recycling of mixed and segregated container glass would continue to be handled by Veolia. The contract process for the final lot of the procurement, relating to the recycling of container glass, cans, paper and card and beverage containers, is ongoing.

Despite having a high recycling rate for London, Bexley council will also be undergoing a service change in order to increase its rate of recycling and reduce costs.

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